If you buy from AMBBanners.com (this website or thru phone) you are agree with our terms described below:

Sending a ready to print file to us to be printed  AS IS (image, vector art, clip art, etc) or use our design tool in this site to create a customized product will be enough to considerate you seen and approved it’s design and you are agree to receive it AS IS we’ll then only print AS IS.

We try to catch mistakes but we are humans and is your responsibility to check your design before it go to the machines. check your color profile! what you see in the screen does not mean your file have those colors, every screen show colors in different ways, always use CMYK color profile in JPG, PSD, PNG or PDF Files.

If we make a design or layout for you, we’ll send a low resolution version thru email for your approval before print it, once is approved by you, we’ll proceed to print it, you agree that release us of any responsibility for printing mistakes you may notice after or when you receive your item that were approved by you.

if any mistake was made by us, and is not in the approved proof we’ll resolve it, just contact us. we’ll do it right.In Custom Made products is impossible to offer refunds as will be impossible to re sell the product, but we can correct the situation offering replacements or partial refunds at our discretion if we made a mistake.

IF YOU SEND YOUR OWN FILE, You release us of any responsibility for printing mistakes, we’ll only print your custom product AS IS! from your file, so make sure you or your designer do it right. (info,spelling,numbers,color profile) and you accept up to 15% color shift from your file.

We considerate a fraud the “USE and RETURN” practice with false claims and it will not approve returns or refunds if the items are used in events and then returned, if the item returned is not in the same condition as it was received, or is a clear damage made by you.

No returns or refunds will be granted for short time use products like event banners when is not a clear mistake made by us after your design approval.If you pay to us to print a custom product, you accept we will not be in any case responsible for any other expenses you made for your event related to our products outside the price you paid for the products sold in this page or if shipping companies do not deliver the product in time.We’ll refund, replace, or grant partial refunds as our sole discretion up to the value of our products but no more, in any case, if you buy from us you accept we’ll not be liable for any external expenses you made related with our products.

You are agree AMBBanners.com will not be liable due a bad installation of our products made by you or any other company or person you hire to install our products, we do not install products, we only print and send the products by mail per your request and are custom made for you.

We’ll not be liable for damages to buildings, people, animals or other properties in case weather rip, loose or damage our products, neither for other money loses derived of a late delivery of our products.When using any Services provided via the AMBBanners.com website,you agree with the terms above


We can cancel an order if material is not printed yet, once is printed we can’t cancel and order, you must contact us ASAP because after 24 hours most orders can’t be cancelled, orders placed on weekend may be printed by our staff even when the office is closed,We can’t respond cancellation requests on Saturday or Sunday, so you may request cancellations in business hours and they are subject to our consideration,If material is printed is late to cancel, orders already printed will not be cancelled or refunded and will be shipped.We reserve the right to change, update or upgrade this policy in any moment according to our needs.


Mistakes happen!, so we reserve the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions (including after an order was submitted and accepted), and we’ll ask you if you prefer to receive a refund or pay the difference for the correct price.

To make the process easy for our customers, this website automatically send order confirmations seconds after payment is received based in the information displayed in this website and provided by you to complete your order but you understand orders are not final

If you buy from AMBBanners.com (us) you are agree that any automatic response to an order sent to your from this website is not a binding contract, and if you pay to use for any method you accept the price is subject to change until shipment.

A human must manually check and confirm the automatic electronic order created in this website; after check the price, quantity and descriptions are correct order will continue,

We reserve the right to refund your money and cancel the order in case it have any mistake, for any reason against our interest or because order details do not suit both parts, customer and seller, please understand we are humans and mistakes happen, is not false advertising if price of the product does not make sense for the related product in the market in any moment.

If for any reason our products are out of stock or not available for shipping, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund your money.We want to create a space to offer the best service to our customers and all our prices are subject to change in any moment and without any notice, a sale will not be final until human check and approval in our side.

Uploaded Materials:

When using any Services provided via the AMBBanners.com website, You may elect to upload or otherwise submit materials to the site (collectively, “Materials”).AMBBanners.com reserves the right to supervise or review User-provided Materials that are uploaded to this site and You agree, represent and warrant that in using the Services.

You will not upload, submit or otherwise transmit to AMBBanners.com:

Materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, obscene or which invade another person’s privacy or further the commission or concealment of a crime;

Materials that promote hate toward any person, group, affiliation, organization, gender or race;

Materials that are not lawfully yours to transmit;

Materials that are the subject of, or which infringe upon, any patent, trademark, trade name, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, moral right or other intellectual property right of another person or entity;

Materials containing software viruses or other harmful computer code; or Materials that in any way interfere with or disrupt the Services or any servers or networks connected to or used with the Services (any of the foregoing, “Unauthorized Materials”).

AMBBanners.com takes no ownership in any Materials uploaded to the AMBBanners.com website, except AMBBanners.com retains its rights in, and to, the Content that is present on the site or that may be created and/or supplied by or for AMBBanners.com. Further, it is the policy of AMBBanners.com to delete any Material recognized by AMBBanners.com to fall within one or more of the above classes of content, decline any order of goods in association with said recognized content and prevent further uploads of duplicate or similar content by the User.

You represent and warrant to AMBBanners.com that you have the right to use copy and distribute each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, graphic, artwork, name photograph, portrait, picture or illusion of any person or any other intellectual property in the way it is to be printed on or otherwise applied to the products ordered by your from AMBBanners.com. Moreover, You warrant and confirm that any documents or Materials You submit online for printing or processing by AMBBanners.com is either in the public domain, subject to fair use by You, or that You own the copyright or otherwise have obtained permission to copy and you have not violated the property rights of any third party. Further,

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold AMBBanners.com and its officers, directors, agents, employees and affiliates, harmless from any suit, demand, or claim arising out of any breach of this warranty and agree to pay any judgment or reasonable settlement offer resulting from any such suit, demand or claim, and to pay any attorney’s fees incurred by AMBBanners.com in defending against such suit, demand or claim.

By purchasing from us, you agree to our ‘Art Release Policy.’ Please review the details before buying if you intend to request digital files of designs created by our designers, as we only provide physical printed products, not digital files.

Read our ur 'Art Release Policy' here